Reasons Why Pet Tags Are Still Important in a Digital World

Cell phones and computers have offered us a wealth of ways to find information, including information on pets. A lot of cities require pets to be microchipped, with your contact information saved in case your pet is lost. Its a great tool for vets and shelters - but is it always the best tool to get your pet home if they get out or get lost? Physical pet tags are still important in a digital world and here's why: 

  • Not everyone who finds your dog or cat will have access to pet friendly transport to take your pet to have his/her microchip read at a vet or shelter. Animal services can take hours and hours to answer service calls. 

  • Instant Identification - important for keeping the pet's attention and for identifying that pet when he's found. It also identifies your pet as a family member, not just a dog or cat. "Hey, I found Bentley!" instead of "yeah, I found a dog?" 

  • Pet tags offer the fastest way to get an indoor cat on the loose back to its people. You never think that they will slip out, but what if they do? 

  • People are lazy - they just want to call you to come rescue your pet and move on with their day. They do not want to cart your dog to a shelter across town to get his chip read. They'd really rather just call you and get your pup back to you ASAP.

  • If your pet needs meds or has a medical condition like seizures, your pet's tag will help create urgency to his rescuer to get him/her back to you as soon as possible or get them to a vet when its important. 

  • Lastly, pet tags are completely customizable and show your personality just like your choice in clothing or jewelry shows a little piece of who you are. Make it your own! 


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