Do's and Don'ts for Personalizing Your Pet Tag

Personalizing your pet tag can be tricky. It important that you put the right information on your new cat tag or dog tag to make sure they get home safe in the event they get out or get separated from you. Here are some helpful do's and don'ts for what to put on your new personalized pet tag

DO: Put your pet's name on the tag. It's much better to receive a call that says, "Hey, we found Bentley!" instead of "Yeah I found a dog?" It makes your dog a pet with a story, not just a dog. 

DO: Add 1-2, even 3 of your best contact phone numbers - cell phones are best because we always have them near. These are your pet's emergency contacts. For example, your phone number, a spouse, and maybe a person who'd be responsible for your pet if you weren't around, like someone you'd leave your pet with to on vacation like a family member. 

DO: Add the first line of your address - unless you are traveling, its not likely your dog will wonder too far from home. A lot of times if your dog is loose in the neighborhood, someone can bring him/her right home. 

DO: Note medical needs - If your pet needs medication, has diabetes, has seizures, or something else that requires time sensitive attention, note it on the tag. You don't need to go into detail, but noting "Needs Meds" may make a big difference in getting your pet back to you or to a vet as quick as possible. 

DO: Check for accuracy - check spelling, capitalization and make sure all your information is accurate when placing your order and verify again before attaching the tag to your dog. 

DON'T: Put your entire mailing address. Its not likely that someone needs your PO Box and Zip Code to return your dog or cat. 

DON'T: Put your email address. Your pet would need to be found by a very shy introvert hermit for them to resort to email as a means of notifying your pet has been found. People are more like to call or text a phone number on the tag. 

DON'T: Add extra text if there is not room on tag. While its always fun to add a cute or funny saying, make sure the tag your are purchasing has space for that after you have all the pertinent information on the tag. 

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